MindPlan 3.22 released!

A few hours ago, the download areas of the German und English MindPlan websites have been updated. You can now download MindPlan version 3.22, which is a bugfix, stability and performance build.
That means, it does not contain many new features, we focused on customer feedback instead to fix some annoying issues of previous releases.

Here are some of the things that we were working on:

  • Windows version: loading of MindPlan maps is much faster now
    caused by new optimized C code that directly reads data from Lotus Notes (not via Java); Linux/Mac support for this not done yet, will be coming in a later release; complete performance gain requires updating the database template to the newest version
  • Resource selection box reimplemented
    names can now be sorted by lastname or firstname (configurable via File/Preferences); no more autocompletion while typing, replaced with a type-ahead box that supports fuzzy search queries
  • Performance in maps with many activity dependencies much better now
  • New memory diagnosis feature
    via "Help/Support request/Memory diagnosis" you can now analyze how much RAM MindPlan gets from your system and see what is already used/free; useful to track stability issues caused by out of memory errors e.g. in the Composite Application version, where the default heap size of 256 MB RAM is very low and should be increased for power users
  • MindPlan is now using the Standard Java runtime of Sun/Oracle
    improved stability and much faster startup performance than in previous releases; runtime is included in MindPlan program directory, can optionally be replaced by changing the config.ini file in the program directory; process mpui.exe is now integrated in the MindPlan.exe process (only one process in Windows Task Manager)
  • New standalone application installer
    caused by replacing the Java runtime environment (previous installer was part of the old Java runtime product); standards based MSI package for easier automatic deployment via software distribution; installation issues for Vista/Win7 fixed
  • Standalone version now also runs on Linux (still unsupported)
    as an alternative for the supported Composite Application build, the standalone MindPlan version can now also be used on Linux via the start script mp_start.sh
  • Dual display support
    application window handling now supports maximizing on the primary and secondary monitor and restores the window on the last used monitor
  • Fixed several other bugs and crashes
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1) MindPlan 3.22 released!
Robert Thresher 31. Oktober 2010 17:10:54
Fantastic work guys!

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