Working on MindPlan 2.11 and 3.0

We've adjusted the naming of the upcoming MindPlan releases. The formerly called "2.1 Build 15" will be called "MindPlan 2.11" instead and is currently being finalized.
Not too long after that, we will release a version called "3.0" with many new features.

Here are some of the new features of the upcoming version 2.11:

    • improved icon drawing: uses icons with higher quality in zoomed maps and multipage prints
    • additional analysis data source plugin
    • lets you include your own data in MindPlan analysis views
    • overview function for quick navigation in large maps
    • new sync option "sync all activities with my name"
    • concept export to MS Word / OpenOffice integrated into application
    • Windows Vista-enabled
    • Improved performance when running from network and USB device
    • Some Notes 8 bugfixes (second Notes client window when opening a node document)
    • Language pack support for MindPlan partner translations

    The following features will be seen in version 3.0:

      • organigram view of MindPlans
      • improved printing for map and gantt
      • scaling in %, split map/gantt on multiple pages (print poster)
      • print preview
      • direct printing to PDF files
        • direct streaming of attachments for the "extract attachment" function, to be able to cancel the extraction process
        • an icon library with approximately 2000 icons in various sizes
        • a new side-bar component containing:
        • an outline view of the current MindPlan
        • editable styles for map-nodes
        • node-bookmarks
        • managment of frequently used parts of a map
        • a capacity view for resources within the gantt chart
        • new export target "Lotus Notes meeting invitation" to e.g. export an agenda and invite participants
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