There are two ways of sending somebody an email with map node images:

1. Via clipboard
Select a node and choose "Edit\Copy content\Copy branch as image" to transfer the node image into the system clipboard or use "Edit\Copy content\Copy whole map as image" to transfer an image of the whole map to the clipboard. Next open a Lotus Notes mail and choose "Edit/Paste" to paste the image.
This functionality is also useful to transfer an image to other programs, e.g. to MS Powerpoint or to simply paste it into MS Paint and store it to disk.
(Note that we'll integrate direct saving of a map image to disk in the next version)

2. Via an export profile
With the export framework of MindPlan 2.1 it is possible to automate the mail generation process and even predefine the mail's content (to/cc/bcc entries, subject and richtext).
I've put together a simple export profile that takes the currently selected nodes (even multiselection), stores the node images to a temporary folder and imports the images into a new Lotus Notes mail.
We still need to continue the articles on the export framework, but take this sample as a teaser on what is possible in R2.1.

So here is the export profile file, in English and German version:

Just download the profile of your choice. In the MindPlan application open the export profile management dialog via "File\Export...\Export to other formats...".

Image:How to export map images to Lotus Notes mail

Press "Edit profiles" and afterwards "Import..." to choose the downloaded file. You now have imported the export profile into the MindPlan application.
To test it, select some nodes, press Ctrl-E (the shortcut for the export dialog), choose the profile "Send images of map nodes via email" and click "Start directly".

Image:How to export map images to Lotus Notes mail

There you've got the email with the two nodes that I selected! Some of the activity nodes are assigned to resources. They were automatically used as mail recipients.

If your interested in how this works and if you are somehow familiar with programming (basically HTML and XML), just edit the new profile in the profile management dialog and take a look.
In short: the export system processes the selected nodes and their descendants. For the top nodes (the selected ones) it stores the image to disk via a branchimage-command and them creates HTML code with img-tags, which is imported into a new mail.

There are several ways to modify the sample code. You could for example add node information (start/due date, duration) or links to the node documents. Or you could implement a filter to not export all the nodes, but only the ones with certain attributes.

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