The Standalone and Composite Application versions of MindPlan 3.2 are now available in the download area of the MindPlan website!

The Mac standalone version and the MindPlan version that does not require an installed Lotus Notes client (technical name "MindPlan DOLS") will follow in the next 7-10 days.

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Karsten Lehmann March 5th, 2010 17:10:29

1) MindPlan 3.2 released!
Joern Kunst 17.03.2010 15:17:32


where is the "download area of the mindplan website"?

2) MindPlan 3.2 released!
Karsten Lehmann 17.03.2010 16:00:03


Just go to the English ( { Link } ) or German ( { Link } ) MindPlan website and click on the "Downloads" link.

3) MindPlan 3.2 released!
Dietmar Splitt 22.03.2010 18:01:20

Hi !

- is the download-demo-version already the V3.2 ?

- is it now possible to set the duration of 'Activity' in hours/minutes or is it still only days ?

Thank you in advance.

4) MindPlan 3.2 released!
Curtis Collette 23.04.2010 16:47:31

Does this release of Personal version only support new "Response" node types?

5) MindPlan 3.2 released!
Karsten Lehmann 23.04.2010 19:18:48


The download demo is 3.2.

Planning with hours/minutes is still on our list and not part of 3.2.


The personal edition of MindPlan is restricted.

You can find a matrix with a product version comparison at:

{ Link }

There is no node type "Response". What do you mean?

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