MindPlan 2.1 contains a sample export profile called "Concept export", that generates a dynamic website of the current node selection and opens a browser window for display.

Now here is a new sample for the MindPlan export system, that exports the current selection to a MS Word or OpenOffice document.

This sample is a two step export:

1. Extract MindPlan node data in XML format

This part consists of the export profile "Concept export to Word / OpenOffice" that creates a temporary XML file of the node selection data. We export the nodes' title, description, RTF and link target information (only for link nodes and MindPlan links).

2. Automate MS Word / OpenOffice and create the new document

After the XML export, the export script automatically launches a VBScript file (exportxml2doc.vbs), that reads the XML file and talks to Word or OpenOffice (first it tries to contact MS Word, then OpenOffice). At the document's header we create an information area with title/description/RTF of the top export node (e.g. the MindPlan's root node).
Then we create the table of contents and afterwards the node data is exported.

The result looks like this:

Word export of MindPlan nodes

And here is the data source MindPlan:

Data source MindPlan of Word export

Just try the export profile for yourself: download one of the ZIP archives:

Unzip the archive and launch "install.bat". This copies the folder content to a subdirectory of your personal Windows application data directory (C:\Dokuments And Settings\UserXYZ\Application Data\MindPlan).

Then import the file "Concept_export_profile_word-openoffice.mpexp" into the MindPlan export system with the following steps:
  • Start the MindPlan application
  • Choose File/Export/Export to other formats...
  • Click on "Edit profiles"
  • Click on "Import" and select the file "Concept_export_profile_word-openoffice.mpexp" that is part of the archive
Now you can start the Word / OpenOffice export here:


In a later MindPlan version we'll integrate a direct Word export into the export system.

But this sample is especially interesting for developers, as it shows you how you can send the MindPlan data to any program that can be accessed via OLE/COM (like Powerpoint, Excel or even MS Project).
Just take a look at the export profile and the file "exportxml2doc.vbs". The code is commented. :-)

We rebuilt the two archives on 2007/04/06, because the VBScript code was not compatible with Word 2000.

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