IBM Notes wird im Herbst für das Apple OS X 10.11 El Capitan eine 64-bit Version des IBM Notes Clients bereitstellen. Die derzeitige 32-bit Version des Notesclients ist nicht funktionsfähig auf Mac El Capitan.
Derzeit wird für ein beta- Betriebssystem keine Software bereitgestellt. Auch müssen Softwareprodukte, die auf die Notes C API zugreifen, neu compiliert werden.
Daher kann auch unser MindPlan Programmpaket sowie die Weilgut Go Browserversion erst nach der Bereitstellung der Notesclients, die 64-bit System unterstützen, bereitgestellt werden.
Alle Betroffenen sollten daher mit dem Update auf das neue Betriebssystem warten, bis wir die neue Version von MindPlan für 64-bit bereitstellen können.

Ausführliche Informationen finden Sie hier

Q1. Does IBM Notes support Apple's OS X 10.11 El Capitan?
No. The currently released IBM Notes 9.0.1.x 32-bit versions do not support El Capitan and will not install or launch on this release.

Q2. What versions of Notes will be supported on OS X 10.11 El Capitan?
IBM Notes 9.0.1 64-bit planned for Fall of 2015 is planned to support OS X 10.11. IBM Notes 9.0.1 64-bit is planned to release ahead of Apple's El Capitan release scheduled for Fall of 2015. Once El Capitan is released, IBM will run final verification to determine if any additional code changes will be needed to support El Capitan beyond IBM Notes 9.0.1 64-bit. Prior releases, including IBM Notes 9.0.1.x 32-bit and Notes 8.5.x, are not supported.
IBM Client Application Access (ICAA) will be released at the same time as Notes 9.0.1 64-bit and it will also work with El Capitan. This ICAA release is a 64-bit Mac version of the feature formerly called Notes Browser Plug-in, which was available only on Windows. This lightweight solution helps clients who want to move to a browser-based interface for email (IBM SmartCloud Notes web, IBM Verse, or iNotes), while continuing to work with existing Notes and Domino applications on-premise.
NOTE: If you are running applications that make use of the Notes C API Toolkit, then you must recompile those application with the new 64-bit Mac API Toolkit, which is expected to be available approximately 30 days after Notes 9.0.1 64-bit ships. This technote will be updated when the C API Toolkit is available.

Q3. Can I install Notes 32-bit 9.0.1.x or earlier on a Mac running El Capitan beta prior to the release of Notes 9.0.1 64-bit?
No. IBM Notes 9.0.1.x 32-bit will not function on El Capitan. Additionally, IBM will not support Notes on beta OS software.

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MindPlan 4.0 released

Integration von MindPlan in die Weilgut eOffice Anwendungen

Zusammenführung von MindPlan mit dem Weilgut ToDo Manager

Nutzung der Zeiterfassung in den Projekten über Buchungskonten

Anlage von Projekten ausgehend von IBM (Lotus) Notes

Erstellung von Projekten aus Vorlagen

Erstellung und Verwaltung von Vorlagen

Vielfältige Ansichten für Auswertungen

Kumuliert neben den persönlichen Terminen jetzt auch die Aktivitäten der Ressourcen

Projektübergreifende Auslastungsübersichten im Gruppenkalender

Anzeige der Auslastungen direkt in MindPlan als Gantt Chart

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The new MindPlan release 3.3 can be downloaded from the download areas of the MindPlan website (German / English link)!

The release fixes a few issues of version 3.2 and introduces one major new feature in the MindPlan application itself (Portfolio maps) as well as other additional functionality added to the combination of MindPlan and the Haus Weilgut eOffice CRM system.

Portfolio maps

Portfolio is the name of a new root node type. It enables you to create a kind of "meta map" that pulls project relevant information from linked projects, project deliverables and even single activities with the click of a button. This project data is stored permanently into the MindPlan link nodes of a portfolio map. It's visible in both Map and Gantt view.

To work with Portfolio maps, you need to upgrade to version 3.3 and then run the agent "1. MindPlan update 3.2 -> 3.3 / Add portfolio nodes" in the MindPlan configuration database (should be done only once by your Administrator):

Image:MindPlan 3.3 released!

The new root node type becomes available in the "New MindPlan" dialog after a restart of the MindPlan application:

Image:MindPlan 3.3 released!

In your new Portfolio MindPlan you then create MindPlan links to project nodes, deliverables or activities in the same database or even in a completely different one:
Image:MindPlan 3.3 released!

The project data is transferred from the linked nodes into the MindPlan links by using the action "Refresh portfolio" of the "Your next steps" sidebar panel:

Image:MindPlan 3.3 released!

There it is, your "one click multi project overview" in Map and Gantt view:
Image:MindPlan 3.3 released!

Image:MindPlan 3.3 released!

The red icon that you can see next to the link node title is a so called "due-date warning indicator". It is displayed when the linked node has assigned activities that are overdue.

The properties dialog of the Portfolio root node contains a few settings to configure the exact behaviour of the Portfolio analysis process:

Image:MindPlan 3.3 released!

With the option "Update of calculated values: Update target-nodes as well" you can make the portfolio process also write the project data into the linked node. This can be handy if you would like to display this data using classic Lotus Notes views.

New features in MindPlan / eOffice CRM combination

The following list is a translation of the German MindPlan 3.3 announcement which also includes presentation slides. Unfortunately, the announcement is not yet available in English language.

  • additional information in the project form: risk analysis, stateholder, project participants
  • Status reports for different target audiences
  • Automatation of standard processes by using workflows
  • Integrated helpdesk system: assign support requests to projects, synchronize progress between the two
  • close integration into Weilgut Document Management System (DMS) and into the Weilgut group calendar
  • activity synchronization and management with Weilgut ToDo Manager without media discontinuity
  • direct assignment of time records to MindPlan project activities

What's next?

It's a bit early for screenshots or official announcements, but let's say we are working on a pretty huge Eclipse based development framework for application development for standalone, web based and mobile applications, with data storage in Lotus Notes/Domino or any other database system... :-)

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As an addition to the list of changes in MindPlan 3.2.2 that was posted last week, please also note that MindPlan 3.2.2 is the first release that is officially supported on Lotus Notes 8.5.2.
Earlier MindPlan releases might have stability issues with this new Lotus Notes version, which can lead to application crashes. The crashes were caused by some changes in Lotus Notes that caused code, that was running without errors in earlier Notes versions to crash in 8.5.2.

So if you are using Lotus Notes 8.5.2, please upgrade to MindPlan 3.2.2.
And if you are not using Lotus Notes 8.5.2, please also upgrade to MindPlan 3.2.2.


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A few hours ago, the download areas of the German und English MindPlan websites have been updated. You can now download MindPlan version 3.22, which is a bugfix, stability and performance build.
That means, it does not contain many new features, we focused on customer feedback instead to fix some annoying issues of previous releases.

Here are some of the things that we were working on:

  • Windows version: loading of MindPlan maps is much faster now
    caused by new optimized C code that directly reads data from Lotus Notes (not via Java); Linux/Mac support for this not done yet, will be coming in a later release; complete performance gain requires updating the database template to the newest version
  • Resource selection box reimplemented
    names can now be sorted by lastname or firstname (configurable via File/Preferences); no more autocompletion while typing, replaced with a type-ahead box that supports fuzzy search queries
  • Performance in maps with many activity dependencies much better now
  • New memory diagnosis feature
    via "Help/Support request/Memory diagnosis" you can now analyze how much RAM MindPlan gets from your system and see what is already used/free; useful to track stability issues caused by out of memory errors e.g. in the Composite Application version, where the default heap size of 256 MB RAM is very low and should be increased for power users
  • MindPlan is now using the Standard Java runtime of Sun/Oracle
    improved stability and much faster startup performance than in previous releases; runtime is included in MindPlan program directory, can optionally be replaced by changing the config.ini file in the program directory; process mpui.exe is now integrated in the MindPlan.exe process (only one process in Windows Task Manager)
  • New standalone application installer
    caused by replacing the Java runtime environment (previous installer was part of the old Java runtime product); standards based MSI package for easier automatic deployment via software distribution; installation issues for Vista/Win7 fixed
  • Standalone version now also runs on Linux (still unsupported)
    as an alternative for the supported Composite Application build, the standalone MindPlan version can now also be used on Linux via the start script
  • Dual display support
    application window handling now supports maximizing on the primary and secondary monitor and restores the window on the last used monitor
  • Fixed several other bugs and crashes

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We have renewed the MindPlan build that is available in the download area of the MindPlan website. The new build version is MindPlan 3.21 build 201004031431. It contains stability fixes and two new features.

The first new feature is already described in an earlier blog posting. It's a customizable welcome tab.

The second new feature is an enhancement to the access control system of MindPlan:There is a new option in the "Access rights" tab of root nodes.

Image:MindPlan 3.21 released!

The option "Resources automatically have edit rights on their activities" is only visible, when the database version that you use is 3.2.1 or higher. We did this because we had to modify the design of the database to add a new author field to the nodes, which is used in activity nodes to give edit rights to the activity resource.
This new option makes working with the access control system a lot easier. Until now, you had to manually give edit rights to a worker to let him document his activity progress in the MindPlan node. If the option is activated, this step is not required anymore, access rights are granted automatically.

Please note that activity resources are allowed to change all the activity properties, as long as the activity status is "In design". After it has left this phase, e.g. to "In Implementation", the user can only edit the lower part of the activity properties.

Image:MindPlan 3.21 released!

Hint: The access control system does only work properly if the users have author access in the database's ACL. If a user has editor rights or more, he is allowed to edit all MindPlan data and the access control system is deactivated.

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We're currently working in a customer project, implementing some new requirements for MindPlan.

One requirement is already my favorite one: customizable welcome tab images.

The customer did not really like the default MindPlan welcome screen. Maybe the smart MindPlan user was a bit too relaxed:

Image:MindPlan is sexy

The requirement was to have the welcome tab images configurable.

Well, and of course we tested our new feature...

Image:MindPlan is sexy

So, after more than five years of MindPlan development, the product has actually become sexy. :-)

How you can customize your welcome screen
Well, first of all, you need to have a MindPlan 3.2 build version that is equal or greater than 201003172155. That means the download that is officially available today will not work. Now that's a good reason to update when it is available. :-)

After upgrading to the new 3.2 build, you can define a few Notes.ini variables to set your own tab layout.
Here is the format:

$wMPCustomHomeTab_ < nr > =


< STRETCHING > tells MindPlan how the image should be scaled: NO_STRETCH, STRETCH, STRETCH_KEEP_RATIO, STRETCH_X and STRETCH_Y.

The < Z-INDEX > is the paint order, which is starting with 0 and the < IMAGEURL > can either be a relative URL (e.g. to use our internal standard images) or an absolute one, both file:// and http:// protocol do work.
< nr > is an index starting with 1.

So here is an example that just displays the standard tab images:


The concept is more powerful/geeky than you might think, because we also added @formula support:

     @If(_rnd=0; "file:///c:/angelina.png";

A calculated image line is ignored if the formula just returns "-".

So by using formulas, you can even calculate the images dynamically and have a surprise each time you start MindPlan. :-)

It's a bit difficult to test the tab image definitions right now. The easiest way to recreate the welcome tab is to go into "File/Preferences", deselect the "show welcome-tab" option, hit "Apply" and then select it again.

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The standalone version of MindPlan 3.2 for the Mac is now available in the official download area of the MindPlan website.

Please note that you need at least a Lotus Notes 8.5 client, Leopard operating system and preinstalled MindPlan databases to use this version.

You can use the installation database that is available in the Windows section to install the required databases. Just select the sample databases, online help and design templates from the list of installation components (and deselect the MindPlan windows application).

Image:Mac version of MindPlan 3.2 officially released and supported

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The Standalone and Composite Application versions of MindPlan 3.2 are now available in the download area of the MindPlan website!

The Mac standalone version and the MindPlan version that does not require an installed Lotus Notes client (technical name "MindPlan DOLS") will follow in the next 7-10 days.

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Yesterday evening, the final release candidate of the MindPlan 3.2 standalone and Composite Application was published to a group of testers.

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